DEMONSTRATION: Deeper Cuts, Higher Metal Removal Rates and Reduced Tool Wear with ADVANTiGE Active Damping System

Length: 7 min Speaker: Mark Larson and Masayoshi Hirahata


The ADVANTiGE Active Damping System provides stable cutting across the entire workzone, including the highest points of the Y-axis. This provides for increased metal removal without causing damage to the spindle or rapid tool wear.

This demonstration offers a look into how the Active Damping System works, showcasing its capabilities through a titanium heavy-hogging process. Minimal cutting noise and vibration are involved as the T4 hogs out 122 cubic inches per minute (400cc/min) of titanium.

This demonstration also displays the T4’s side-by-side work-setting station that allows operators to shuttle parts in and out simultaneously, ultimately offering quick pallet changes and resulting in far less non-cutting time.

Mark Larson, Titanium R&D Team Leader, Makino
Masayoshi Hirahata

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